Recovery Elastic Tape

When it comes to first Aid, you want to choose Recovery Elastic Tape that is safe for your injury. It can be torn without scissors, making it easy to tear off an inch or multiple yards as needed. Reliably secure while remaining gentle on your skin, the tape is nonwoven, so that each piece remains cohesive upon application and won’t stretch out of shape. It will not slip, meaning you won't have to readjust them frequently, it will stay in place even when we tor sweaty. The self-adhesive design allows the bandages to applied without the use of any clips or pins to keep in place. It enables the injured area to breathe, which facilitates healing and recovery.

  • Muscle strength imbalance
  • Reduce swelling and help the lymphatic circulation
  • Cycle, soft tissue, joint, and muscle dysfunction
  • Subluxation
  • Pinching syndrome
  • Overuse / Chronic Fatigue

Packing List

1 X 5cm*5m Tape

Collections: Recovery

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