9five8 a new inspirational store for Runners!

9five8 a new inspirational store for Runners!

May 16, 2020

Who is 9five8?


Created in 2020 amidst Covid19, and the global lockdowns that ensued, 9five8 came about when the founder found himself, like a thousand others, using the walking and cycling paths to keep fit, gyms were no longer an option. As runners went past, it was obvious to the founder, that many had incredible sports brands to show. From Nike shoes to Pantagonia t-shirts, and from stunning crop tops to the latest running shorts, this was running fashion like never seen before. It was evident that just as much as wanting to keep fit, most preferred to do it in style. Now what's wrong with that? And what's wrong with a new brand to take part in this never seen before fashion runway and join the many other brand all competing for a bit of sunlight and shine! What was also striking was the number of runners on show. From slow to extra fast, and from young 8 year olds with their dad, to the grey haired dad running with their partners - all for the simple reason, to stay fit! What a great cause - just run to stay fit. #justrun #stayfit

Usain Bolt

In comes Usain Bolt. Any great brand surely has to be inspirational. And who better than the man himself, the most admirable (for me at least) to be the reason behind the name of the brand. So what does 9five8 have to do with Usain. Well the "five" in 9five8, probably confuses things. So how about we spell it numerically... 958. Got it? No? Ok, let's make it even even easier to guess; let's add a decimal into the numbers... 9.58. Yes? Last clue 9.58sec. Yes, of course! Usain Bolt's world record for 100m at the World Athletics Championships final in Berlin, Germany on 16 August 2009, breaking his own previous world record by 0.11s.

More than Inspiration..

More than inspiration, 9five8 is a tribute to the hero. And so the brand has been born and has been created for every person, young and old, black, brown or white and anything in between - to serve as a reminder and to act inspiringly that we get out there, do our best and just run! 

Be a part of 9five8

Join the fun! Become a part of the inspirational! Go pro or just run! And when you become part of the 9five8 community, we will play our part in contributing to the world's most precious natural resource. Look for our next blog where we share how we can all be part of a bigger cause!